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CSAP is prepared to support your pursuit of parliamentary knowledge and procedure. CSAP provides learning opportunities through local Unit meetings each month including a parliamentary lesson, regional Area meetings, educational presentations and the CSAP annual meeting including workshops. CSAP offers a variety of learning opportunities!

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief is a 200-page volume designed for the non-professional person required to run a meeting as president of a group or chairman of a committee. It’s an easy read and provides the basics needed to be a competent presiding officer. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in parliamentary procedure. The California State Association of Parliamentarians assists any and all in getting started on this parliamentary training. See elsewhere on our website for such assistance.

One of the chapters in RONR In Brief contains a series of 20 frequently-asked questions, with simple answers provided. The following 8 questions are taken from that chapter. See if you can provide the answer – but if stumped, the correct page from RONR In Brief is provided below to help you.

And now a quiz. Select True or False in response to each of the eight questions below based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, In Brief. Have fun! Don’t peek! And join CSAP!

Ready, set, Go! (Answers follow immediately.)

Q.1: True or False? A president can vote only in the event of breaking a tie.

Q. 4: True or False? A majority vote is defined as 50% plus one.

Q. 6: True or false? Abstentions are not counted in determining voting outcomes.

Q. 8: True or false? A “friendly amendment” can be accepted by the presiding officer of the group if (s)he declares that it is indeed “friendly.”

Q. 11: True or false? Debate should stop immediately as soon as someone calls out “Question.”

Q. 12: True or False? The motion to “Lay on the Table” is actually different from the motion to “Postpone to the next meeting.”

Q. 19: True or false? If your group’s bylaws authorize electronic meetings, then any actions taken during a properly-called videoconference meeting are valid.

Q. 20: True or false? Once your officers are elected, the only way to remove them would be to wait until the elections the following year and vote for someone else.

ANSWER KEY and page references to Robert’s Rules of Order In Brief:

Q. 1: False. Page 112
Q. 4: False. Page 115
Q. 6: True. Page 116
Q. 8: False. Page 117
Q. 11: False. Page 118
Q. 12: True. Page 119
Q. 19: True. Page 122
Q. 20: False. Page 123

RONR In Brief - third edition