Event Occurs @ July 30th – 31st


District 8 Director Mike Peck called a meeting of the D8 Conference Planning Committee on February 25, 2021 at 5:30 PM Mountain Time. CSAP President LaMacchia attended, as did Ray Harwood, President Arizona Agua Fria Unit and gracious Zoom host, Kathy Boyer, President, Utah State Association of Parliamentarians (USAP), Josetta Kawana, President, Hawaii State Association of Parliamentarians (HSAP), Marilyn Newman, President Arizona State Association of Parliamentarians (ASAP), and Maria Trujillo-Tough, CSAP Officer, CP Editor, and D8 Program Chair. This committee will next meet on March 29, 2021 via Zoom.



From the D8 Planning Committee meeting on 02 25 2021:

  • The 2021 D8 Conference will be held virtually.
  • There will be a business meeting and 6 parliamentary workshops over 2 days.
  • The Conference will be held on Friday, July 30 and Saturday, July 31.
  • A business meeting will be called to order on Friday morning at 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time, 10:00 AM Pacific Time, and 8:00 AM Hawaiian-Aleutian Time.
  • The business meeting will include election of a new District Director.
  • Two (2) parliamentary workshops are scheduled for Friday afternoon, July 30.
  • Four (4) parliamentary workshops are scheduled for Saturday, beginning at 11:00 AM Mountain Time, 10:00 AM Pacific Time and 8:00 AM Hawaiian-Aleutian Time.
  • For NAP members, the fee for the two-day conference is $15.00.
  • For non-members (guests), the fee for this two-day conference is $25.00.
  • Registration will be open weeks before the conference itself; more information will be forthcoming. Watch this space.



The District Director serve for two-years and may serve 2 consecutive terms. District Eight Standing Rule number 5 on Nominations and Elections provides that elections are held in “odd-numbered years”; a candidate must have served as an elected state officer, submit written consent to serve, and be endorsed by “the candidate’s state association, board of directors, unit, or three MALs from the district.” (SR 5.c) [1]


            NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN NOW. Nominations may also be made from the floor as long as the aforementioned prerequisites are met. And finally, “election shall be by ballot” if there is more than one nominee; if not, voice vote will suffice.


to any Association President no later than May 1, 2021.

Include letters of endorsement and a letter of consent from the candidate with each nomination.

CSAP President is reached by email to .

[1] District 8 Standing Rules are available in the “Members Only” download section of the CSAP Website.