Board of Directors

Officers Elected at the 2018 Annual Meeting for a one-year term:
President             James H. Stewart, PRP
Vice-President     Esther Heller, PRP (also: Membership, Growth & Service)
Secretary             Vicki Walter, RP
Treasurer             Maria Trujillo-Tough, RP

Directors elected annually by the Areas:
Northern Area         Esther Heller, PRP
Southern Area     Shirley Vanderbeck, PRP

Appointed voting members of the Board:
Parliamentarian                                       David Mezzera, PRP
Governing Documents Committee        S. Dave Shapiro, PRP
Budget/Finance                                          Rick Sydor, RP
Communications Committee                   Vicki Walter, RP

Key appointed (non-voting) Roles:
Financial Review                                            Kathy Flowers
California Parliamentarian (CP) Editor     Maria Trujillo-Tough, RP
Webmaster                                                       Bruce Bergman
Annual Meeting 2019 Coordinator              AlVerta Harty