Wow, Ordinary Committees! Exalted, they should be! 


Do the governing documents of your club, group,  organization, or assembly provide for committees? If  your group rules create committees, which ones still stand after completing assigned tasks or beyond the term of an appointing authority? Which dissolve automatically after reporting to the assembly? And why have two kinds of committees?


“Standing Committees” stand strong and long. “Special Committees” dissolve once service is  rendered and a final report is given on the special project under its purview. 

Are you a committee chair or member? How were you and other members recruited for the  committee? Did you volunteer? Have you served before? How is the committee doing? If you  chair the committee, what role do you play in the committee’s work? Is it different from other  committee members? 

Have you given up serving on committees because the meetings take too long or lack focus?  Can you do anything to improve that situation? 

A thorough knowledge of parliamentary basics offers incalculable value to any participating  member of an assembly, including committees and boards. 

To address some of the questions posed above, and review or increase your parliamentary  knowledge, please enjoy the Quick Quiz on Committees available under the CSAP Welcome tile  on this page. For another helpful review on committees, check out the “RONR Short Take”  under “Public Education”. And join CSAP! 

Parli On!

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